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What is the flight time from New York to Zaranj

Whether you’re flying to Zaranj, Afghanistan for a family holiday, business trip, romantic getaway or just curious to know the flight duration from New York, United States to Zaranj, Afghanistan the duration of the flight can be a major factor in the planning of your break. Zaranj can be a great holiday destination for exploring, seeing the amazing sites and spending time with the family. We have sourced the latest deals on flights and hotels in the Zaranj, Afghanistan to help you plan your trip.

New York to Zaranj flight time. The flight time is 13 hours, 12 minutes with a distance of 6,740 miles / 10,847 km. Non-Stop direct flight duration from EWR to KER is 13 hours, 12 minutes. Looking for flights and hotels for a weekend getaway, holiday or vacation or maybe a long break away with family and friends. We have sourced the best rates and deals on flights, car hire, hotels and airport parking. How long will your Flight take? Check your Flight Duration times from New York to Zaranj now with this simple to use site!

Flight time from New York to Zaranj is 13 hours, 12 minutes

The total distance travelled as the crow flies is 6,740 miles / 10,847 km

13 hours, 12 minutes

approximate for a direct flight

6,740 miles / 10,847 km

as the crow flies

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New York to Zaranj Information

New York & Zaranj Local times and Timezones

Zaranj, Afghanistan time is 9 hours ahead of New York, United States

Day and time in New York, United States : Fri, 20 Jul, 2018,
New York Timezone: EDT (-04:00)
Day and time in Zaranj, Afghanistan : Fri, 20 Jul, 2018,
Kabul Timezone: +0430 (+04:30)

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Flight & Holiday Top Tips

Tops tips to get you started on your visit to Zaranj. For further help and tips checkout our new travelers top tips article and our pre-flight tips article.

  • Check required VISA
  • Check passport - Make sure it is in date.
  • Arrive early at the airport
  • Check In online if possible
  • Pre-arrange all airport transfers
  • Currency exchange

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