Verona to Hawaii flight duration

What is the flight time from Verona to Hawaii

Planning a trip or just interested to find out the flight time between Verona, Italy and Hawaii, United States?

Flight duration from Verona to Hawaii


The flight time from Verona to Hawaii is 15 hours 23 minutes.

A direct flight from Verona (VRN) to Hawaii (HNL) has a duration of 15 hours 23 minutes.

A distance of 7,847 miles / 12,628 km.

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Be prepared, as flight times can change depending on many factors such as, weather condition, wind speed, flight path and congestion in the air. Due to these factors the actual flight time could be less than 15 hours 23 minutes but on occasion could be longer than the stated time.

Verona to Hawaii flight time via Lihue | VRN to HNL via LIH

Verona to Lihue
15 hours 11 minutes
Lihue to Hawaii
1 hours 11 minutes
Total flight time (time flying in the air)
16 hours 22 minutes

The total journey time will vary depending on the wait between flights

Just remember indirect flights will always take longer than a direct flight as you are landing and taking off from at least one extra airport and taking off and landing is the most time comsuming part of any flight and is done at much lower speeds.

The total travel time of a indirect / multi-stop flight from Verona to Hawaii can vary greatly depending on what route you take to get to Hawaii and how long you have to wait for your connecting flight.

Flights from Verona to Hawaii | Airports, Distances & Flight Duration

Verona to Hawaii flight time information

  • The average flight time from Verona to Hawaii is 15 hours 23 minutes
  • Distance from Verona to Hawaii is 7,847 miles / 12,628 km
  • Verona is served by 1 airports Verona Airport
  • Hawaii is served by 2 airports Honolulu International Airport , Kona International Airport
  • The currency in Hawaii, United States is the US Dollar

Airlines flying between Verona and Hawaii

Most popular airlines that fly the route between Verona and Hawaii


Verona & Hawaii local time and timezones

Hawaii, United States time is 13 hours ahead of Verona, Italy

Date and time in Verona, Italy:
01:39 Tue, 18 Feb, 2020,
Rome Timezone: CET (+01:00)

Date and time in Hawaii, United States:
14:39 Mon, 17 Feb, 2020,
Honolulu Timezone: HST (-10:00)

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