Top Travel Tips 2017

60 Smartest Travel Tips from Experienced Travelers

1. Be flexible. Don’t try to predict everything. The best adventures and experiences are spontaneous.

2. Always carry an extra battery for your camera, if you don’t want to miss really magnificent scenery.

Top Travel Tips

3. Pack less and always make a list. If you don’t know what to bring on a trip with you, experienced travelers recommend to take twice as little stuff and twice as much money. Not to forget anything really important, always make a list of things to bring with you. Make it a ground rule.

4. Learn some basic phrases in the local language. You never know when it comes in handy.

5. Hotels are not the only option. You can also stay in a hostel, it would be much cheaper and you can use their kitchen. Camping is a great choice for backpackers. And if you travel with a family or a group of friends, consider renting an apartment instead. 

6. Always bring a sleeping mask and ear plugs. They will be very useful in an airplane, a bus, a hostel dormitory, or even during the airport stay over.

7. Roll your clothes, instead of folding them. This way, the clothes will take less space in your suitcase, and won’t get so much wrinkles.

8. Don’t keep all your money in one place. In crowded areas, use a money belt. It will prevent you against thieves. But carry some cash in your wallet too, in case you need to pay for a beer or a small souvenir. Also, if you get robbed, you can hand out the wallet and save the rest of your vacation budget in your money belt.

9. Always get travel insurance. Medical treatment in another country can make a real hole in your budget. To avoid it, be thoughtful and always get a full travel insurance.

Top Travel Tips

10. Always pack a first aid kit. It doesn’t matter, where you are going, first aid kit is obligatory. Don’t forget pain killers, pills against allergies, digestion medicine, some bandages, and drugs against fever.

11. Join loyalty programs. If you plan to travel a lot with the same airline, consider joining their loyalty program. You will get better fares, discounts, free miles, and other bonuses.

12. Don’t get upset about minor troubles. Traveling can sometimes be full of troubles, overwhelming, and everything might go opposite to your plans. However, you shouldn’t let minor troubles upset you. In a week or two, when you come home, you will look back and only see the good stuff, so don’t worry.

13. Rent a car. It’s the best way to experience a new country, be flexible and free in your choices. Just remember, driving rules and conditions in another country can be quite different from what you are used to.

14. Don’t hurry! Remember, your trip will only be fun if you enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t try to see everything at once. It’s better to really get to know one country, than to rush through three or four.

15. Make it hard. Remember, the more difficult your trip is, the more enjoyable, remembering, and rewarding it is going to be.

16. Be reasonable. You need to be aware of your own safety in an unknown place, but try not to be paranoid. Not all locals want to make profit of a foreigner or steel your money. Just take the reasonable precautions and you’ll be fine.

17. Make copies of your papers. Make electronic and paper copies of the important documents, such as your passport, visa, etc. Keep copies apart from the originals, in case you lose the latter. And keep additional electronic copies in your gadgets.

18. Download all boarding passes, booking confirmations, etc., in case you don’t have Internet access. If possible, print out paper copies, in case something happens to your phone or tablet.

19. Plan your outfits carefully. Check out the weather forecast in your travel destination and take, what you are really going to need. Try to take clothes that matches, preferably, in neutral colors, which don’t get dirty quickly. Choose fabrics, which are easy to wash.

20. Put the most necessary items in your hand luggage. If your luggage gets lost, you will still have the most important stuff on you. Or travel with a carry-on only – it’s cheaper and you don’t risk important things getting lost.

21. Always negotiate the price, BEFORE getting into a taxi. Don’t risk being overcharged. If there is a meter, calculate the time it takes to get from the airport to your hotel. The same relates to public transportation. In some countries, final price for the ride can also be surprising if you’re a tourist.

22. Always carry hotel business card on you. It will come in handy in case of an emergency, if you get lost, or if you cannot find common language with a taxi driver.

23. Ask locals. If you want to find a reasonably priced restaurant, an interesting unusual site, or a good supermarket, ask locals, not a tourist office employee. Popular travel guides are also doubtful to be a big help here.

24. Make sure your credit card won’t get blocked. Let your bank know you’re going abroad. Otherwise, they might think your card has been stolen and block it.

25. Buy souvenirs in the supermarkets. Many supermarkets offer magnets and other souvenirs at prices much lower, than popular souvenir places. Also, food souvenirs, such as local sweets or specialties, can be a great souvenir.

26. Keep your mind open. If you can’t tolerate other cultural traditions, customs, or habits, you better stay home.

27. Tell your close ones about your travel plans. Leave a document with your itinerary, hotel name, and a flight number. It is particularly important if you travel alone.

28. Don’t forget about portable chargers. They will prove vital, when you can’t find a socket, have a long trip, or need to make an urgent call, but your battery has died.

29. Get a universal travel adapter. There is over a dozen different kinds of sockets in the world. If you don’t want to buy a charger for your gadgets in every new country, just get a universal travel adapter and carry it with you on every trip.

30. Check everything twice. Not to spoil the vacation with your own irresponsibility, check everything twice. Are all the necessary documents on you? Have you packed everything, according to the list? Haven’t you left anything behind on an airport chair, under the plane seat, or in a hotel safe?

31. Leave your comfort zone. Try new things. Learn new skills. Take a new road. Travel to an unusual place. Believe it, stepping out of your comfort zone can be enjoyable!

32. Always carry a towel. Even if you are sure you will stay in a good hotel, having a spare towel will never hurt. Proved by millions of tourists.

33. Don’t be afraid to get lost. Some of the most interesting spots and sites are found, while looking for the right way. However, if you are in search of a bus stop, and your bus leaves in 10 minutes, it’s better to ask or check the map.

34. Don’t miss a tourist office. That’s where you get a free map, as well as recommendations for the primary exploration of the city. However, for a more unique experience, see point 23.

35. Be flexible in your dates and destinations. When you search for tickets, try to be flexible. Sometimes, ticket fares for adjacent dates can vary twice or even more. Also, look at the cities, located close to your destination. It may be much cheaper to take a flight there and then take a bus or a train.

36. At airport control, avoid families with kids. And pick a line on your left. As most people are right-handed, they subconsciously pick right lines.

37. Pockets will prove very useful. If you need to take some additional liquids through airport control, use cargo pants. Cargo jackets and your pockets will also be quite handy if you have limited luggage space.

38. Never eat near popular tourist attractions. Cafes there will be overpriced. Remember the rule: eat where locals eat. If possible, try to find cafes in student areas, they won’t be expensive, that’s for sure.

39. Search for flights 2-3 months in advance. That’s when you find the best fares.

40. Wake up early. Sunrise is a magical time for taking pictures. Plus, if you come to popular tourist sites early in the morning, you most surely will avoid huge crowds.

41. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. Traveling to a new destination, being in a strange cultural atmosphere, you probably will make full of yourself a lot. Don’t worry, just laugh at yourself and continue your way. Experience is everything!

42. Pack a scarf, a shemagh, or a sarong. It won’t take a lot of space, but will come in handy many times: when you’re cold on an airplane, when you need protection against sun, when you need a “skirt” in a religious place, when you don’t have a towel, and in many-many other situations.

43. Smile goes a long way. Remember this, when you are in need of a favor or an advice from a local. Learning how to say “hello” in a local language will take you even further. See point 4.

44. Do not avoid Couchsurfing. It’s not only a service to find a free accommodation, but also a great way to meet new people, get to see local way of life, and even learn some new traditions.

45. Try local food. Your travel experience won’t be complete if you don’t try local specialties. Just one thing, in an exotic country, find out about the ingredients first. The allergies may not be the only problem, if you know what we mean.

46. Eat and drink smartly, before the flight. If you want to survive through an airplane flight, without much consequences, such as jet leg and digestion troubles, keep to some basic rules. Don’t eat anything fat, before the flight. Don’t drink alcohol on board, even if you are really scared and it’s free. Keep hydrated, that’s very important!

47. Do the free stuff. In every, even the most expensive tourist destination, there is always something you can enjoy for free. Ask locals, talk to experienced travelers on forums, study travel blogs, and you are sure to find ways to save your money and still have a lot of fun!

48. Volunteering is a great opportunity to see the world. You can find numerous volunteer programs around the globe. It’s a great opportunity not only to travel to a new country, but also to bring something good back to the universe.

49. Pack a reusable water bottle. It will come in handy in places with drinkable tap water, as well as in hot countries, where water costs as if it’s made of gold. Just buy a big bottle (it’s always much cheaper) and take a little reusable one with you on a walk around the area.

50. Never bring shoes you haven’t worn before! Do we have to explain? Just put this rule in huge black letters on your packing list!

51. Take notes. You can write a diary, a blog, or just make notes in your notebook, it doesn’t matter. But, please, do. This way, when you come back home, you will be able to organize all that impressions in your head and photos in your camera.

52. You will forget something, accept it. Just, please, don’t let it be your passport or your ticket.

53. Keep your embassy’s phone number in your phone and in your notebook. You never know, what may happen to you in a foreign country, it is best to be prepared for everything.

54. Border control agents do not tolerate jokes or sarcasm. We beg you not to test it!

55. Don’t pack things, losing which will be a tragedy. If something is too expensive and you can’t afford to lose it, or if you’re really emotionally attached to something, don’t bring it on a trip with you. Don’t spoil everyone’s vacation by making a tragedy about losing something really valuable.

56. Wear sunscreen. The sun is tricky. Even if you don’t see it, it’s still there. Wear sunscreen every day, in any weather, while you are on a trip.

57. Bring extra socks and underwear. They don’t take much space, but you never know, when they might come in handy.

58. Take a free walking tour. In all popular tourist cities, there are free walking tours, guided by the locals. Not only are they free, they are usually more interesting, than traditional tours. In the end, you can leave a tip to a guide. The amount depends on you.

59. Haggling is fun! It’s not only a way to reduce the price, it’s a real fun and competition between a customer and a seller. Particularly in Asia and the Middle East countries, they just love to haggle. In these areas, haggling is the real art, big part of managing a business.

60. Just do it! If you want to travel, just travel. If you really want to go somewhere, start saving now. Stop postponing your trip and just go for it. You won’t regret it!

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