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With miles of fluffy white sand, crystal clear waters and a year-round temperature of at least 30 degrees, what’s not to love about the Maldives? read more

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The Maldives is a South Asian Island Country located in the Indian Ocean.  Malé is the capital and most populated city and is traditionally called ‘Kings Island’ for its central location.

Many tourists including honeymooners flock to these islands every year as they are known for their idyllic surroundings and its ability to enable the traveller to ‘get away from it all’.

The Maldives consist of 1190 tiny islands scattered across the Indian Ocean and only 185 of these islands are inhabited whilst the others are largely for tourism and agriculture.

Whilst the main activity here is to relax, The Maldives offer so much more than that in reality.  You are able to embark on a submarine tour which takes you to the underwater world of this amazing place 100 feet beneath the ocean in air conditioned comfort.  This 45 minute tour is the deepest diving passenger submarine in the world.

If the underwater world is your thing, then a snorkelling safari is a must-do whilst here.  This is a guided activity and will take you out from Malé on a 3-hour adventure.

A trip to the smaller island of Villimale should be an essential part of your trip.  You will be able to wander the quiet streets, learn the names of trees and spend some time with an NGO conservation group to learn about the work they carry out.  Sample traditional ‘hedika’ at a local café on the beach and enjoy the sunset before heading back to Malé.

As these islands are basically in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the only really way to get around is by boat.  Many offering snorkelling trips and sunset cruises to help you truly appreciate the beauty of the surroundings here.  There are bikes to hire on all of the island resorts and as many of these islands are relatively small, you are able to completely ride around the whole island in less than half a day.

Then of course the other obvious choice of getting around is by walking.  This is probably the only way you will take in your breath-taking surroundings.

The main ingredients in any Maldivian cuisine are coconuts, fish and starches – these are generally made into curries as all of these ingredients are obtainable locally.  However, you will find many other varied cuisines such as Italian, French and Indian.

From Malé, you are able to take up the unique opportunity of cooking with a local family – who will expect you to pull your weight in the kitchen and dine with them once you have helped to prepare.

There are 90 resorts scattered throughout the Maldives and all of these offer top quality food, many of which serve onto a private table on the beach. A perfect romantic date!

If you come here to shop, you will probably need to travel to Malé.  Shops in the capital tend to stay open until 11pm but close during prayer times.  You will find goods such as perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery, watches and electronics to name a few but the airport is probably one of the best places to pick up duty free items.

There are many local markets brimming with colour and noise – the fish market makes for an interesting pit stop however, if you prefer a quieter market, the Local Market is located just a block away from the Fish Market. The pace is slower and atmosphere is peaceful.

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