flight durations New York

New York Flight destinations by durations

Holiday destinations from the New York ordered by duration.

Love a holiday but dread the flight? Our new tool is about to be your trusted holiday buddy.

Introducing Flight-Durations.com vacation buddy! Check out which destinations you can enjoy, fully prepared for how long you will be under the watchful eye of the aircraft staff.

Location, accommodation, climate and entertainment are top on the criteria when starting the holiday planning right? Not necessarily. We are here to remind you how prominent flights are to your whole experience. An unexpectedly long flight can mean the difference between a relaxing & exciting break or a stressful experience which gets off to a bad start - and with the amount of money spent on holidays nowadays - why take the risk on flights?!

Holiday destinations by flight duration Flight-Durations.com researchers have got your back. Below you will see a list of flights organised into flight duration to help you decide what works for you. You may be surprised to see it's not just Spain or France within your flight duration tolerance, who knows how exotic this could make your next trip!

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