If you are thinking of heading to Africa for your next holiday, you will certainly be spoilt for choice on which country to visit first.

One of the most popular countries in Africa is South Africa. When thinking of this stunning country, you will most certainly think of Cape Town and Table Mountain, named for its flat top. Here you will find many excursions to the summit of Table Mountain which offers spectacular views from the top and can be reached via slow moving cable cars, which enables you to really take in the surroundings as you head towards the top.

If you have a passion for the pyramids and ancient history, a trip to Egypt needs to be on your to do list. The Giza pyramid complex is located on the outskirts of Egypt’s capital city of Cairo and has designated world heritage site status. There are many excursions to the pyramids on offer and you are able to enter one of the pyramids if you are willing to pay a little extra for the privilege.

The famed spice markets of Marrakesh in Morocco will send your senses into overdrive. The city is a bustling mecca of culture and old fashioned charm and tries hard to avoid modern life and hold on to the charm of a traditional tourist spot. There are so many places to eat you will certainly be spoilt for choice and the food is an amazing array of vibrancy and colour, a feast for your eyes!

On the east coast of Africa lies Kenya which is famed for its safari’s and nature. There is so much for you to do here that you will truly feel at one with nature. From hand feeding giraffes to getting up close and personal with a lion this is a unique chance to see all of these amazing animals, some of them endangered, in their natural habitat. Your experienced safari guides will take you through many different habitats and some tours even offer walking safaris. There is an opportunity to take a hot air balloon flight at dawn and take in the spectacular sunrise.

If pure relaxation is more your thing then the island of Mauritius which lies in the Indian Ocean but is still part of Africa is ideal. With its white beaches and clear ocean it isn’t hard to picture yourself lying here with a cold cocktail in one hand and a book in the other. Mauritius offers many excursions so you can explore the island - many of these are cruises but you are also able to explore by foot if you prefer.

Africa has so many different countries offering so many different things to do, it will be a tough decision which one to visit first.

Top destinations in Africa