South America

South America offers some of the most beautiful places on Earth and with the opportunity to visit the world’s largest rainforest, it’s easy to see why backpackers and travellers flock here year after year.

Brazil is referred to by its locals as a continent in its own right due to the sheer size.  Roughly two thirds of Brazil’s population live on or near the coast and well over half live in cities and the Amazon Rainforest.

Rio de Janeiro is home to the famous Christ the Redeemer statue which overlooks the city on top of Sugar Loaf Mountain.  The carnival atmosphere of this city is what attracts tourists to Rio every year.  The city can easily occupy a week of your time and much of it will be taken up by some of Brazil’s best museums and galleries, superb restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

Argentina is a vast and varied land and is studded with outstanding natural wonders.  One of the country’s top attractions is the metropolis of Buenos Aires which is deemed the most fascinating of all South American capitals.  It’s a fantastic place to just wander around, people watching, shopping or just simply soaking up the amazing atmosphere.

The wildlife in Argentina is amazing and you are able to catch some of these animals in their natural habitat.  It is home to hundreds of bird species along with pumas, armadillos, llamas, foxes and tapirs which roam the forests and mountainsides.  There are a number of boutique hotels here or hostels if your budget won’t stretch too far.

Lying on the equator lies the exotic country of Ecuador.  From icy pinnacles of Chimborazo, the tropical forests of Parque Nacional Yasuni to the palm fringed beaches of the Pacific coast, Ecuador is buzzing with life.  Ecuadors capital Quito lies high in the Andes and is divided into two parts – the old town which is a jumble of narrow streets and wide cobbled plazas, and the new town which has many banks, shops, bars and restaurants.  The highlight of both of these is the old town which is often seen as being more authentic.

South America is a massive continent where you are able to take in idyllic beach locations or get back to nature with trips to rainforests.

Top destinations in South America